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In The Todayism Program You'll Discover...

  • Day 1: The secret little book I keep next to my bed and what I write in it to assure each new day is filled with massive appreciation and thankfulness.
  • Day 2: Why doing this 2 minute task first thing in the morning is the magical key to doing everything in your life with excellence. Every Navy Seal does this every day and so should you!
  • Day 3: How to quickly and easily keep yourself accountable on day to day tasks with all the hustle & bustle in today’s world. The great news is, this usually takes about 45 seconds max!
  • Day 4: What 60 second task you must do every morning and night if you want to avoid respiratory infections, diabetes, and dementia.
  • Day 5: 3 reasons why you need to get outside as much as possible to soak up the brilliant sun rays. Plus - how to supplement vitamin D when you live in cold and dark environments.
  • Day 6: What never to watch on TV or your computer before you go to bed. 
  • Day 7: How to get exercise without actually exercising. If you’re like me and hate the gym, you’re going to love this day!
  • Day 8: Warning, if you don’t do this simple task every day, you run a strong chance of losing your mind. Literally.
  • Day 9: The amazing dietary trick that helps me lose a lb a day without even changing my diet. This is something you’ll never see corporate America talking about because it kills their profits.
  • Day 10: Are you ecstatic about the 5 people you spend the most time with? If not, this day will help you to intentionally create a peer group that will uplift and inspire you.
  • Day 11: Stress and overwhelm is one of the leading causes of heart failure. But did you know it’s possible to calm your nerves and mind in as little as 90 seconds?
  • Day 12: If you struggle with any type of addiction, here’s why you should consider taking these steps before losing all control.
  • Day 13: Did you know that most people are breathing wrong? It’s true, and you may be doing it too. You’ll learn a little known technique on how to maximize every breath you take.
  • Day 14: When you implement this simple list, you’ll manifest way more positive things in your life. The trick is doing it instead of talking about it.
  • Day 15: The quickest and easiest way to remove nasty toxins and even pharmaceutical drugs from your drinking water. You may be shocked and disgusted when analyzing what you’ve been truly been drinking.
  • Day 16: The truth about why your posture may be sabotaging not only your health, but even in your business and relationships. Fix this and you’ll be blown away at the dramatic shifts in your life.
  • Day 17: Better than revenge! Try this quick exercise next time you’re frustrated with someone and watch how much more powerful this simple alternative can be. 
  • Day 18: The single most important piece of plastic that you want in your home. This is an absolute life changer.
  • Day 19: What you should always do before ever putting a piece of food in your mouth.
  • Day 20: Why getting rid of things can be more fulfilling than collecting more stuff.
  • Day 21: The secret word play game that helps you manifest everything you want into your life.
  • Day 22: 7 Ways you can tap into your artistic creativity even if you don’t feel like an artist.
  • Day 23: The single most important thing you can ever do to ensure you get along with another person. This especially works wonders with your lover.
  • Day 24: The quickest way to feel good about yourself. Doing this generous task will take you out of your shoes and build empathy like nothing else.
  • Day 25: Attention: If you’re not consuming this on a regular basis, you may be creating a fire storm of acidity in your body which can lead to cancer and more.  
  • Day 26: The most important medicine you may ever consume. And the best part is that it’s free!
  • Day 27: The amazing linguistic technique you can use to put a smile on just about anyone’s face.
  • Day 28: How to train your brain to remember more things than you ever imagined possible. Doing this will also keep your mind young and alert.
  • Day 29: The truth about investing and why you need to do it. The last thing you want to do is end up 60 years old and broke. 
  • Day 30: How to reward yourself for a job well done. You’ve come this far, you deserve a reward. 
  • And a few surprise bonuses along the way! 

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